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Regrets 201
Daisy's Dimples 203
A Lover's Lullaby 204

A Match 205
Rondel 208
Song 209

TENNYSON, ALFRED (1809-1892).
The Bugle Song 210
Break, Break, Break 212
Tears, Idle Tears 213
Sweet and Low 215
Turn, Fortune, Turn thy Wheel 216
Vivien's Song 217

At the Church Gate 218
The Mahogany Tree 220

Dayrise and Sunset 223
The Three Troopers 225
The Cuckoo 228




Listen--Songs thou 'lt hear
Through the wide world ringing.

Barry Cornwall.


A baby was sleeping
_Samuel Lover_ 141
"A cup for hope!" she said
_Christina G. Rossetti_ 190
A golden bee a-cometh
_Joseph Skipsey_ 198
A little shadow makes the sunrise sad
_Mortimer Collins_ 52
A little while a little love
_Dante Gabriel Rossetti_ 191
A thousand voices fill my ears
_F. W. Bourdillon_ 45
Across the grass I see her pass
_Austin Dobson_ 81
Ah, what avails the sceptered race!
_Walter Savage Landor_ 127
Airly Beacon, Airly Beacon
_Charles Kingsley_ 121
All glorious as the Rainbow's birth
_Gerald Massey_ 153
All through the sultry hours of June
_Mortimer Collins_ 54
Along the garden ways just now
_Arthur O'Shaughnessy_ 156
Although I enter not
_William Makepeace Thackeray_ 218
As Gertrude skipt from babe to girl
_Frederick Locker-Lampson_ 139
As I came round the harbor buoy
_Jean Ingelow_ 116
Awake!--The starry midnight Hour
_B. W. Procter_ (_Barry Cornwall_) 174
Awake thee, my Lady-love!
_George Darley_ 64
Back flies my soul to other years
_Joseph Skipsey_ 199
Break, break, break
_Alfred Tennyson_ 212

Came, on a Sabbath noon, my sweet
_Thomas Ashe_ 23
Christmas is here
_William Makepeace Thackeray_ 220
Come, rosy Day!
_Sir Edwin Arnold_ 20
Come sing, Come sing, of the great Sea-King
_B. W. Procter_ (_Barry Cornwall_) 172
Could ye come back to me, Douglas, Douglas
_Dinah Maria Mulock Craik_ 56

Drink, and fill the night with mirth!
_B. W. Procter_ (_Barry Cornwall_) 180

Every day a Pilgrim, blindfold
_Hamilton Ad_ 7

Fast falls the snow, O lady mine
_Mortimer Collins_ 49
First the fine, faint, dreamy motion
_Norman Gale_ 98

Hence, rude Winter! crabbed old fellow
_Alfred Domett_ 84
How many Summers, love
_B. W. Procter_ (_Barry Cornwall_) 165
How many times do I love thee, dear?
_Thomas Lovell Beddoes_ 38

I bring a garland for your head
_Edmund Gosse_ 101
I had a Message to send her
_Adelaide Anne Procter_ 162
I have been here before
_Dante Gabriel Rossetti_ 193
I leaned out of window, I smelt the white clover
_Jean Ingelow_ 118
I looked and saw your eyes
_Dante Gabriel Rossetti_ 194
I made another garden, yea
_Arthur O'Shaughnessy_ 158
I remember, I remember
_Thomas Hood_ 106
I sat beside the streamlet
_Hamilton Ad_ 3
I wandered by the brook-side
_Lord Houghton_ 111
I walked in the lonesome evening
_William Allingham_ 16
If I could choose my paradise
_Thomas Ashe_ 22
If love were what the rose is
_Algernon Charles Swinburne_ 205
If there were dreams to sell
_Thomas Lovell Beddoes_ 30
I 'm sitting on the stile, Mary
_Lady Dufferin_ 90
In Clementina's artless mien
_Walter Savage Landor_ 131
In Love, if Love be Love, if Love be ours
_Alfred Tennyson_ 217
Into the Devil tavern
_George Walter Thornbury_ 225
It was not in the winter
_Thomas Hood_ 102
I 've been roaming! I 've been roaming!
_George Darley_ 62

King Death was a rare old fellow!
_B. W. Procter_ (_Barry Cornwall_) 176
Kissing her hair I sat against her feet.
_Algernon Charles Swinburne_ 208

Lady! in this night of June
_Alfred Austin_ 26
Last time I parted from my Dear
_William Bell Scott_ 196
Let us wreathe the mighty cup
_Michael Field_ 96
Little dimples so sweet and soft
_J. Ashby Sterry_ 203
Lullaby! O lullaby!
_William Cox Bennett_ 42
Lute! breathe thy lowest in my Lady's ear
_Sir Edwin Arnold_ 18

Mirror your sweet eyes in mine, love
_J. Ashby Sterry_ 204
Mother, I can not mind my wheel
_Walter Savage Landor_ 133
My fairest child, I have no song to give you
_Charles Kingsley_ 126
My goblet's golden lips are dry
_Thomas Lovell Beddoes_ 34
My love, on a fair May morning
_Thomas Ashe_ 24
My roses blossom the whole year round
_William Cox Bennett_ 41

O for the look of those pure gray eyes
_J. Ashby Sterry_ 201
O happy buds of violet!
_Mortimer Collins_ 53
"O Heart, my heart!" she said, and heard
_Dinah Maria Mulock Craik_ 58
O lady, leave thy silken thread
_Thomas Hood_ 104
O lips that mine have grown into
_Algernon Charles Swinburne_ 209
O Love is like the roses
_Robert Buchanan_ 48
O May, thou art a merry time
_George Darley_ 60
O roses for the flush of youth
_Christina G. Rossetti_ 188
O spirit of the Summertime!
_William Allingham_ 13
O ye tears! O ye tears! that have long refused to flow
_Charles Mackay_ 147
Often I have heard it said
_Walter Savage Landor_ 128
Oh, a dainty plant is the Ivy green
_Charles Dickens_ 75
Oh, hearing sleep, and sleeping hear
_William Allingham_ 14
Oh! let me dream of happy days gone by
_Hamilton Ad_ 6
Oh, lovely Mary Donnelly, my joy, my only best!
_William Allingham_ 9
"Oh, Mary, go and call the cattle home"
_Charles Kingsley_ 122
One lovely name adorns my song
_Walter Savage Landor_ 133

Peace! what can tears avail?
_B. W. Procter_ (_Barry Cornwall_) 182

Seated one day at the Organ
_Adelaide Anne Procter_ 160
Seek not the tree of silkiest bark
_Aubrey de Vere_ 72
She was not fair, nor full of grace
_B. W. Procter_ (_Barry Cornwall_) 170
She 's up and gone, the graceless Girl
_Thomas Hood_ 108
Sing!--Who sings

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